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There are claims from many sides about the legality of it and many sides concerning simply the morality and ethics involved. It is a hacked version of GiriGiri. Until this emulator has been deemed illegal, we'll provide a download.

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Not sure how long that might be, so you may want to get it now. However, it has also become the commercial GiriGiri Saturn, so don't look for the newest versions here.

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Project Titan This emulator is quite primitive and really isn't useful for much. It's open source though, so you can look at that if you wish. Satan Althogh Satan is nothing more than a Saturn CD header reader, this was the first legitimate Saturn emulator ever to come into existence. Coded by Nakasaki, this emulator has its own install program.

Satourne This emulator has come a long way, and plays a few games. Definitely give it a try! Saturnin Saturnin is developed by Runik and is one of the major Saturn emulators out there. It can play some commercial Saturn Roms. Give it a try and visit its official page for more in depth info.

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It has been discontinued, however. Despite the historical difficulty of emulating the Saturn's rather idiosyncratic and complex architecture, and the fact that SSF is developed by a sole developer Shima , it has overtaken other Saturn emulators to the point of being able to run the majority of games with few to no issues.

It is designed to run game CDs directly, so images must be mounted with a virtual drive program e.

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Daemon Tools in order to be played. UltraSat UltraSat can't play any games, but can read the copyright information from 15 different games.

Sega Saturn - Downloads - Emulators

It has been discontinued. Free Saturn emulator with a user-rating of 3 of 4. Free Saturn emulator rated 4.

SEGA SATURN Emulation just got BIG!

Download the Saturnin Saturn Emulator. Sega sold 9.

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There were an estimated 2 million sold in the United States, and an estimated 6 million sold in Japan. In , IGN chose the Sega Saturn as the 18th of the best 25 video game console of all time at that time. The Saturn gaming system boasted impressive hardware for its time, but the design proved to be a big inconvenience for developers that were used to the programming standards of that day.

It had two CPUs plus six additional processors. Many of the chips and electrical components were not engineered to work together as good as they could have. Press enter to begin your search.