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And adjustments are made using a simple slider. Fast shutter speeds freeze motion. And slow shutter speeds blur any movement in the scene. Use a slow shutter speed to create beautiful long exposure photos like the one below. Another useful setting is white balance.


This lets you control how warm orange or cool blue the colors appear in your photo. A high ISO setting can be useful for creating brighter exposures in low light. Like the built-in Camera app, you tap to set focus and exposure. But you can also separate the focus and exposure points. This makes it easy to set focus on one part of the image while exposing for a different area. For ultimate control over focus, you can use the manual focus slider to fine-tune which area of the image appears sharp. You can easily display gridlines on the screen, which helps you compose better photos.

The grid is especially useful when using the rule of thirds.

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This is handy for getting the horizon straight in your photos. And they allow for more control when editing. And you have more control over the final color balance in your image. Click here for our in-depth tutorial on using the VSCO app to shoot and edit beautiful iPhone photos. Click here to watch this video. It offers the same manual camera controls as VSCO. These include shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure, and focus. But it also has additional shooting features, such as Slow Shutter mode, Portrait mode, Macro mode, and Action mode.

Slow Shutter mode lets you shoot long exposure photos of up to 30 seconds. Just like Portrait mode in the built-in Camera app, it allows you to shoot photos with beautifully blurred backgrounds. But it does have some other features that give you amazing control over your portrait photos. For example, you could change the color or brightness of the background without affecting the foreground subject.

Action mode is perfect for photographing moving subjects.

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This mode helps you achieve better focus and sharpness in your close-up shots. And the shooting modes provide an easy way to take photos of different kinds of subject. All camera settings are easily accesseible from the top or bottom of the screen. The ProCamera app includes manual controls, such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation.

In addition to the warm and cool color options, you can add a green or purple tint to your photo.

10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps In - Hitcase

It has a histogram for checking exposure levels, a tiltmeter for getting the camera level, and an anti-shake setting for sharper shots. So you can easily adjust the strength of the background blur after taking your photo. This mode helps you capture more balanced exposures with plenty of color and detail. ProCamera has a lot of advanced features.

Click here to read our in-depth tutorial on shooting stunning photos with ProCamera. But which camera app is best for you? Maybe you want to capture long exposure photos. You can convert photos to black and white with filters. Or enhance the colors and apply grungy or vintage looks. The portrait tools are fantastic for smoothing skin and brightening eyes.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone Like DSLR 2018

Snapseed is an amazing photo app for all iPhone photographers. VSCO filters allow you to change the look and feel of a photo with a single tap. They offer a quick and easy way to enhance your iPhone photos. Many filter apps have garish colored filters that can ruin your pictures. But VSCO is different. And you can easily adjust the filter strength, allowing you to tone down the effect to create just the look you want. VSCO also includes a built-in camera app with manual controls. And it even has its own photo-sharing platform.

It comes with a basic collection of 10 filters to get you started. Learn how to use VSCO with our step-by-step tutorials: VSCO Tutorial: TouchRetouch is an app dedicated to removing unwanted objects from your iPhone photos. It only takes a few seconds to remove distracting objects that are spoiling your image.

Use your finger to paint over the object or select it with the lasso. Then watch it disappear. The app works by analyzing the pixels around your selection. It then replaces the selected object with pixels from the surrounding area. This app is great for removing imperfections in portrait photos.

You can make pimples and skin blemishes vanish with a single tap. The line removal tool is perfect for erasing power lines and telephone posts. Mark a section of the line, and the app will remove the entire line. Learn how to remove objects from your iPhone photos in our TouchRetouch tutorial. If you want to move beyond basic image editing, Afterlight 2 is a great place to start. It offers a wide range of editing tools, as well as artistic options. For basic edits, this app has the usual color, exposure, sharpness, and crop tools. But it also offers advanced editing features like curves and selective color.

You can use filters and overlays to enhance the mood or add an artistic flair. Afterlight 2 comes with a basic set of filters, but you can download more filter collections for free. The double-exposure tool lets you create unique combinations of photos. And you can add graphics to your images with the text and artwork tools. It promises to never have any extra in-app purchases or subscriptions.

And the app is even updated with new free content every month. Click here to watch this video. Adobe Lightroom CC offers a powerful set of tools for editing your iPhone photos. You can edit a photo in seconds with sliders and one-tap filters.

2. VSCO App

You can also apply edits selectively to certain parts of an image. And the healing tool makes it easy to remove unwanted objects from your photos. This unlocks the selective, healing and perspective tools within the app. It also lets you access your photos across all your devices via Adobe Creative Cloud. If you use Lightroom to edit photos on your computer, this may become your favorite photo app for iPhone.

Enlight is an all-in-one photo editing app with a great range of creative and artistic tools. Whether you want to perform a simple edit or create an artistic masterpiece, you can do it all with Enlight.

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  • Artistic tools let you turn a photo into a sketch or drawing. And you can arrange your photos into a collage. The mixer tool lets you create double-exposure images. And you can use the tilt-shift tool to create fake-miniature photos. The mask tool is one of the most useful features in Enlight.

    It lets you apply any effect to only certain parts of your image. Or use it to create a black and white image with a flash of color. But it also has curves and split tone options for advanced fine-tuning. And the target tool lets you make selective adjustments to your photos. Learn how to use Enlight with our step-by-step video demonstrations.

    You can stack an unlimited number of effects to create a completely unique edit. Each layer is adjustable, so you can alter the opacity and blending mode to achieve the look you want. Mextures also has a set of standard editing tools and filters. You can use these to fine-tune the exposure and color of the final image. admin