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Calendar, reminder, etc. Love it! Also has a plan my day feature!

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I love that I can set reminder's to anything so I won't forget anything. Aside from Windows, you can access Any. A goal is a dream without a deadline. Reach yours with Any. Your time is valuable. Get the most out of it using a reminders app which was designed specifically for Windows. Get Started - It's Free! Upgrade your life Create more time for the things that matter most by turbo-charging your productivity with Any. Johnson Any.

The developer has focused on usability and functionality rather than bells and whistles. A simple and fast app that will allow you to set reminders in no time using the live tile shortcut.

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When you set a relative timer, you will see a countdown timer ticking. You can also set absolute reminders date and time. Keeping in line with the UI of Windows 10, it comes with a live tile format.

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You can sync these reminders with Windows 8 devices if you have any! Download RemindMe for Windows Free. Where RemindMe was a simple little app focused on doing one thing, Desktop Reminder comes laden with features. There are a lot of ways to customize the app like skins, tones, profiles, and alarms. You can use Desktop Reminder to set up reminders for tasks as well as events.

There is a built-in calendar where I was able to see all the tasks that were pending on a given date. For example, as a blogger, I can set an urgent reminder for a tech event next month or write that explainer next month before the product launch. This should give you plenty of time to prepare for the task. You can import iCalendar files too. The last one will allow you to open a particular doc at a given time.

Download Desktop Reminder Freemium. Never judge a software by its name! While the name suggests that it has something to do with shutting down your PC, which is true, it is much more than that. Windows Shutdown Assistant was developed by Apowersoft, a popular name in the app and software industry. You can create reminders with alarms but at the same time, you can also create notes.

Think of it as a cross between a reminder and notes app. You can open a particular file or document at a given time so you know when you need to finish that report. Apart from this, you can use WSA for running and stopping Windows programs on a schedule.

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This means you can hibernate before going to bed, lock your PC during lunch time, or log off at the end of the day. It works with other programs too so the functionality is only limited by your imagination. Windows Shutdown Assistant is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and is completely free to download and use. Think of it as notes, reminders, and scheduler app. Download Windows Shutdown Assistant Free. It is available on both Windows computer and mobile phones.

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Taking a cue from the interface of some popular task management apps, 2Day will show a list of tasks and reminders for the present day followed by what is up for the week and month. For example, I was able to create different lists of reminders and tasks like shopping, hobbies, work, home, and so on. If you are a fan of Tim Ferris then you will like this app and its approach. It supports Cortana which is cool. You can also add a task or a reminder with no dates which will be shown at the end of the list along with all the reminders that have been completed.

When compared to 2Day which is a reminder and tasks management app, Kana Reminder is an easy to use app that will help you set simple reminders.

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Set a reminder and you will be notified when the task needs to be done. Like Windows Shutdown Assistant, Kana Reminder also comes with a built-in scheduler that you can use to tell your computer when you hibernate, shutdown, and perform launch certain software programs. As far as security is concerned, I was able to secure my reminders using passwords which is cool because I have a nasty habit of jotting down sensitive information on Sticky Notes! Kana Reminder has a simple UI with some hotkeys to take care reminders and alarms.

Download Kana Reminder Free. Not only this, there are also browser addons and extensions available. You can add tasks on Windows that will sync with all your other devices. These tasks can be then further divided into sub-tasks. The latter feature is more suitable if you want to manage different projects and need to keep reminders for each task separate and project-wise. I was able to add tags to each reminder which allowed me to search for them super quick. RTM integrates with several 3rd party apps like Twitter, Gmail, and Slack so you can receive notifications and timely reminders no matter what tool you are using.