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The two soft keys functions can also vary. As the standard keypad lock pattern is a quick successive pressing of the left and right selection keys, when the left one is pressed it will wait for about a second before acting as assigned to see if a lock command is to follow. Otherwise, key-lock is automatically on when the slider is closed and turns off when the phone is slid open in any of the directions.

Active stand-by is well familiar but this time a line for the Search application has been added. The built-in memory that's on top of the 8GB gross is MB, which is a considerable figure but you probably will never use it, as accessing applications or any other files from the Mass memory doesn't seem to be any slower.

The mass memory is actually MB. The multimedia menu is a focal item in Nokia N95 8GB. It is launched by pressing the dedicated key and provides quick access to the multimedia features of the handset. It is identical to the one found on Nokia N81, with icons sorted thematically. They appear as drop-down menus when the respective tab is selected.

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If you find the menu layout unsuitable, you can freely rearrange icons until you're pleased with the result. Multimedia menu brings new look and increased functionality. As with any Symbian phone, there is a built-in voice recognition system. It is doing a great job, being fully speaker-independent and recognizing a remarkably high percentage of the given commands.

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Voice recognition works like a charm on N95 8GB. The rest is left to the imagination of the user, as you can download as many other themes as you wish.

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If you find it necessary to do so that is, as we personally find the preloaded themes quite nice. The four preinstalled themes on the handset are quite similar. Apple iPhone XS Max review. GSMArena team , 23 November Return of the king Nokia N95 8GB review. If you want video calling as a main feature of your phone then check with the manufacturer and your provider that it is possible.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

You are here: Nokia N95 Video Calling. User guides Image 1 of 3 Speak to contacts face-to-face with video calling on the N I have had an N85 for about 5 months now and overall it's been trouble free.

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I went through the trouble of getting photos of all my mates and saved the images to contacts. The images would display as full screen. I recieved a call yesterday from a friend and the images are now thumbnail size. Any ideas which settings I need to play with or where the contact images are stored? Cheers Mikey.

How to install Ovi Store on the Nokia N95

Hi web bug, No I didn't. It's an Orange branded phone and I don't have the bolox to debrand it.

N95 - Memory full close Apps & full screen caller 3rd party SW

The same thing happened last week. I wonder if it is the phone saving memory space? Like an auto compression process that happens when the memory gets a little full?